Christianity Under Fire!

  ***Warning: Graphic Images!*****

There is so much discordance going on in the world today. It’s almost like God has left us! I truly believe that these are the last days. The ‘birth pangs’, as in Revelations in the bible. When I look at the news, the weather, the unrest in Israel, the fact tha God is not allowed in our schools anymore, it all makes me nervous. Here it is, the middle of August, and we’re having days like fall! It’s even cold at night! When has it been COLD in August?

In the news, a twelve year old boy was suspended from school. Why? Because he wanted to quietly read his bible during study hall. His teacher forbade anything religious in his classroom. Is this what our country has resorted to? Religious segregation? It’s illegal to pray in public schools, according to US Supreme Court, BUT, in Michigan schools, Muslims are getting special prayer privileges. Are you kidding me? But that’s not all, listen to this:

*Christian evangelists, at the Arab International Festival, were STONED by Muslims for preaching about Jesus; Police did not stop the stoning, but arrested the Christian preachers.

*In Dearborn, Christians are second-class citizens, as if they are residents of an Islamic Republic, where they are considered infidels, without full civil rights. Local police departments refuse to allow Christians to distribute Bible-based literature, for fear of infuriating Muslims, but let the local Muslim preachers use the city’s own loudspeaker system to announce daily calls to prayer.

Now listen..Christians need to prepare for persecution here in America. There is going to be a time very soon when we will need to make a choice. Stand up for our beliefs, or die. Here’s another news report:

*ERBIL, Kurdistan — Islamic terrorists in Iraq are killing Christian children and burying people alive, and it won’t stop there. They have a message for Christians in America: “We’re coming for you.” 

There is terror and carnage over there for Christians, beheadings, hands being lopped off, whole families murdered, woman, children….makes no difference to those animals. If your a Christian, your going to die…Check out this new report:

The end is drawing near. You saw what happened with 911, you think it won’t happen again? WE have a MUSLIM PRESIDENT, people!!! Wake up! The television, the internet, all are there to lull you into a false security that nothing is wrong! We are like stupid sheep we need to WAKE UP! Our country is NOT alright! We need to pray diligently and constantly for God to make us strong, and most of all, keep our faith in the face of adversity.



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