Nepal: A Young Woman Set on Fire by Her Family

By: rissryker

Mar 10 2014

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To reap this much pain and suffering on another human being, well, it’s inhuman. The ones responsible for this will be answering to a higher power, no doubt…

sharia unveiled

Woman Set on Fire 4
Najarana Khatun (24) of Rajbiraj Municipality-7, who was allegedly set on fire by her in-laws in Rajbiraj. Photo courtesy of: The Himalayan

by, Byas Shankar Upadhyay | The Himalayan | Halal Pork Shop

 RAJBIRAJ, Nepal: While the entire world is marking the International Women’s Day, a woman in Saptari district has been allegedly been set in fire by her own family members.

Najarana Khatun (24) of Rajbiraj Municipality-7 was seriously injured in the fire allegedly set by her mother-in-law Bano and sister-in-law Nurjahan.

She has sustained burn injuries on her head and other parts, and she cannot speak.

Najarana’s husband Guddu Ansari is in Saudi Arabia for employment for last one month.

The in-laws allegedly ignited the fire and left the house at around 1:30 pm today. Locals informed police and rescued the woman within 30 minutes of the incident.

Najarana was rushed to the Gajendra Narayan Hospital in Rajbiraj. But…

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