Learning About Affiliate Marketing

So it is my third month with SFI and though I have advanced as a working affiliate, I still have so much to learn. What a lot of people don’t really get about SFI is that your success is based on your PSA’s and CSA’s buying power, your selling power, advertising what your selling, and trying to convince others how great it is while trying to build up your own income and business at the same time. It’s not easy, and though the market is flooded with people like me trying to do the same damn thing, I will not give up. 

I think what really holds me back is my inability to figure out certain things on my computer. Like adding banners. I don’t know how to do that. I’ve tried, never works for me. Another is, Here, for instance, on WordPress. I cannot design my website the way I want. I want it to look pleasing to the eye, with just enough info to make it interesting. 

Advertising is hard. I don’t really know who is seeing my ads, I’ve just recently learned how to do key coding, so we’ll see how that goes…What I really like about SFI  is the fact that I have a chance, slim as it may be, to start my own business…and, dammit, I need this. I need to have an income so badly that I’ve invested all my dreams into SFI. I have to. It’s all I have. All the other websites want you to invest a one time fee and you get nothing. SFI asked for nothing, and gave me everything I need to start, an opportunity, if you will, to build a business from the ground up. Now I need to learn about aggressive marketing skills. I would love to hear from anyone who has any tips, suggestions, anything. I’m totally open to learning. 

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